Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Home Additions

My grandma is downsizing from her house into a condo and she recently had an estate sale, which Mia and I ran down to help out with. At the sale, we were able to pick out a few pieces of furniture (and other items) to keep. We found a wicker bookshelf that was white, but is in the process of being painted 'grape' purple for Mia's room (we figured it'd be good for now and will 'grow' with her into a big girl room someday!). I'll post a better photo once it's finished and in place in her nursery, but here's an idea of it's current state.

We also got a table, which fits perfectly in our kitchen and will replace a wicker and glass seating table that we originally had under the window (but never actually used for seating since our dining table is about 3 steps from here!). It has provided a place to collect almost all of my cookbooks (I still have a stack stashed away in the office...), plus it allows me to properly display my favorite ones - which I'm hoping will inspire me to pull them out a little more often! I also love that it has ends that pop up to create a longer serving area, which will come in handy once we start entertaining again (that part of our lives has been put on hiatus with the new baby!).

Meanwhile, I was able to steal this Dr. Pepper crate (from St. James, MN, near our hometown) from my parent's cabin and work it into my baking and prep cart in our kitchen. It matches the yellow and red Coca-Cola crate that I had previously been using to store some of my cookbooks, so it was the perfect fit! Now it holds my baking supplies (chocolate chips, marshmallows, caramels, etc.), plus a mini processor (which I needed to keep handy, but was wondering how to keep it out of Mia's reach once she becomes a bit more mobile). Sugar and flour are still being stored in large glass canisters next to the top crate, while I was able to stash cereal and instant oatmeal into the bottom crate, freeing up more room in my cupboards!

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Redevetter said...

ooooo, REALLY like the table!!