Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Day Flowers

It's raining. Again. So to boost my mood (which frankly needs more than a little boosting after getting up an hour early, missing much-valuable morning time with my baby, and getting to the first day of class for which I am a co-instructor, only to wave as introduction and not say a single word - really did I NEED to be there for that??) I am posting a few pictures of my flower pots, which are coming along quite nicely. In the big, black pots I have dracaena (spike plant) in the center, surrounded by yellow butterfly Marguerite daisies, fuschia wave petunias, and snapdragons (they're getting crowded out a bit by the petunias, but they're in there - look for the red).

In the smaller, red pots I have yellow snapdragons, pink moss roses, and something in the center, for which I can no longer remember the name!

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