Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update

Our first weekend home in what feels like ages meant lots of stuff to do around the house! I finally finished spray painting the wicker bookcase for Mia's room. It's a bright lavender, so it doesn't match the other bookcase that was already in her room, but I knew that finding the same color in a spray version would be next to impossible, so I opted for something fun that would coordinate and still work for a big girl room someday.

Not only was she excited for her new bookcase, but she wanted to show off her U of M pjs that she's been wearing ever since we told her that we got season tix for this season!

Meanwhile, we did another section of our rock project/backyard landscaping (sorry, no pics of that), and got around to bottling the Sauvignon Blanc that has just been sitting in the carboy bulk aging. It looks pretty awesome, and didn't taste all that bad, but we'll be more excited in a few months once it's aged a bit longer.

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