Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Food update

So after a pep talk from my friend, Sara, we decided to start pushing the solids a bit more over the past couple of weeks. We had started Amelia on rice cereal at the end of June and since then she had tried bananas and squash, but she didn't seem to really like any of it all that much. We weren't concerned, so we'd just try feeding her every now and then to see if she was more interested. I had read that avocados were a good baby food, so just out of curiosity I gave her a little bit of avocado out of our guacamole a couple of weekends ago. She really seemed to like it! So we bought a couple of avocados and she's hooked! It's by far her favorite thing that she's tasted yet! We also switched from rice to oatmeal cereal and that made a big difference (she still eats the rice if we give it to her, but she eats more of the oatmeal). To help with her teething, we pulled out the mesh feeder that Sara gave us and popped a chunk of frozen mango in it - she really liked that, too! She did not, however, care for the pears that we put it in (or pureed pears). This week she's trying green beans (not so sure at first, but ate a bit more last night) so we'll see. We also discovered (after Sara assured me that she wouldn't choke) that she can eat little puffs and Cheerios already (the puffs are easier at this point since they kind of dissolve in her mouth), plus she does well with Gerber's biter biscuits - she can hold on to one end and chew on the other. They are a mess, but they keep her occupied for awhile! All in all, it's been a good couple of weeks of eating for our baby girl!


Laura said...

So you're saying we can give her chips and guac when we babysit right?

Redevetter said...

Yay! And then you can update us on her new discusting smelly poop that will result from all this wonderful new food. It's all fun in it's own discusting way :)