Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our update!

We're going to ALASKA in three weeks - literally, 3 weeks from today we'll be on a plane heading to Anchorage! My parents were supposed to be flying my entire family out there next summer for our Christmas gifts, but my mom found half-price tickets a couple of weeks ago, checked with all of us on the off chance that we could all go this summer, and everything just fell into place! We're going for a week, visiting my mom's younger brother and family (who are stationed in Anchorage), checking out Denali National Park, and driving down to Homer, AK so the guys can go halibut fishing (and catch lots of yummy fish to send back home - yay!). Other than a gross idea of what we would like to do (based on my parent's trip to Alaska they took a couple of years ago), we really don't have any plans. So we're trying to buckle down and get everything organized in the next few weeks so that we can have an awesome vacation! David and I are still trying to figure out everything that we'll need to pack for the baby - plus trying to get tips for traveling with her - so if anyone has any suggestions - let me know! We fly to Chicago first, have a brief layover, then fly to Anchorage, which is a 6.5 hour flight!!

Meanwhile, I've started my summer teaching - I was hired on as a lecturer for the undergrad general microbiology course at the U. I teach for the next two weeks - M/W/F, with 5 lectures and 1 exam. The first lecture went well, and I'm looking forward the wrapping up my remaining lectures so that I can get the exam put together! Luckily, my section covers immunity, antimicrobials, pathogenesis, and disease - my favorite topics in the field of micro! I also just received a post-doctoral fellowship through the PNI (PharmacoNeuroImmunology) training grant at the U. It will pay my salary and provide some travel money for the next year, with a (probable) renewal for the following year. Since my background is primarily in microbiology, it will be interesting for me to learn about the other fields - I'll have seminars and courses to sit in on, plus required poster sessions and seminars to present on my own research. It has been a bit of a crazy couple of weeks, though, since I start my fellowship on August 1st and therefore I've been running around getting everything lined up so that my health benefits and taxes, etc. are all ready to go next week.

David is still busy with the fire department. He's also trying to get up to the Velodrome in Blaine once a week for track cycling races. He just found out that he got moved up one category, so this week he'll be racing against better cyclists!

Next week we celebrate our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Thanks to some great friends, we will be able to go out and celebrate next weekend! In addition to that, my college roomies are flying back into town for a wedding, but they're making sure to come stay with us a bit so that they can finally meet Mia! It's going to be a BUSY week next week, but we can't wait!!


Fixen Vixen said...

Can't wait to see you guys! I hope I am not making your life too hectic. If it helps, I make an excellent parking place for little babies. I can even change a diaper!

MJ said...

It's all good - it's going to be busy, but I'm really excited to see you girls!!

J-Funk said...

My, you are busy!!!

Take the boppy - it is so awesome for the plane. Also take a stroller, because you stand around a lot in security (strollers can be checked at the plane for free) and tons of diapers - babies can have altitude-induced diarrhea, apparently!!

Jenni said...

Good luck - she'll do great! Give her something to suck on (paci, bottle, sugarfree lollipop...the last one could be messy though!) for take off and landing. That helps prevent any ear issues. Connor usually sleeps a lot on planes..I think the white noise helps, but he hasn't been on a 6 hour flight! Have fun!

MJ said...

Thanks for all of the advice mamas! :)