Monday, August 30, 2010

ALASKA - Homer and Anchorage

Whew! It's been a whirlwind the past two weeks! Our family made the big trip to Alaska and back, the hubby and I worked one day, then we got back into a car to drive 5 hours north to Grand Forks, ND for a wedding (and then turned around and came back the next morning!). I may need to blog in increments in order to avoid overwhelming you! Meanwhile, the baby has grown by leaps and bounds - she started crawling right before we left on the trip, and while we were in Alaska, she had two more teeth pop through her gums. It has been an eventful couple of weeks!

The flight:
Mia was awesome! She slept through takeoff from Mpls to Chicago, and again from Chicago to Anchorage. The pressure didn't bother her at all! In fact, she was so quiet that there was a women sitting in front of us that didn't realize there was a baby sitting behind her until she was getting off of the plane in Anchorage! Success!

We arrived late in Anchorage and promptly headed to my uncle and aunt's place in Eagle River (just outside of town). We stayed up way too late eating popcorn and pizza and catching up with the family, and then we finally all crashed due to sheer exhaustion. The next morning we were treated to a big breakfast made by uncle Kurt, enjoyed the views from their back deck,

then we loaded our stuff back up into the vehicles and started the 5 hour drive to Homer, Alaska. We took a leisurely trip to Homer, so that we could explore a bit of the Kenai Penisula and make the trip as easy as possible on the baby. We stopped along the road to view the beautiful mountains and Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet.

We also took a tram up 2,300 ft in elevation to the top of Mt. Alyeska at Alyeska Resort. We got a better look at the remaining glaciers in this area, but it was COLD!

We met up with uncle Kurt and Sam and Zach in Soldotna, and did some beer sampling at St. Elias Brewing Company. Sam and Zach even got to try out their homemade root beer and cream soda!

After the break, we decided it was time to crank out the rest of the trip, but once on the road, the baby decided she was HUNGRY and we ended up making a stop at beach in Clam Gultch, which was worth the extra stop!

But FINALLY, we made it to Homer!

Things got even better when we made it up the mountain to our house! It was awesome - roomy, comfy, and it had GREAT views (and a tree house!)!

The group split up for the two days in Homer - mom, Mia, Sam, and I headed to the Spit (the long, thin peninsula off of the tip of the large peninsula that we were on) for shopping, fresh halibut fish 'n chips, and exploring the beach,

while the guys went on a day-long charter fishing trip.

It was on the first morning, as the guys were heading out EARLY to catch their boat, that we saw a mama moose followed by her 2 babies walk through our yard! I was feeding the baby, so I missed the mama, and didn't have time to grab my camera, but it was pretty awesome!

The second day, mom and Sam joined the fishers for another half-day trip, while David, Stephen, Mia, and I headed back to the Spit for lunch, then hit the Homer Brewing Co. and Bear Creek Winery (the winery was great, the brewery, not so much), before meandering back to Anchorage.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To tide you over...

We're off to Alaska in TWO DAYS - and although I don't really have time to post this, I need a break from all of the packing (and the stress involved in packing all three of us up for an entire week!). Here are a few photos of the baby taken recently - the first few closeups are with my new fixed focus camera lens (just got it this week and I haven't had any time to really play with it yet!).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The college roomies were in town!

I lived with twins in college, and they both flew into Minneapoland from opposite coasts last week to visit me! (Well, that and to go to another friend's wedding on the North Shore) It made for a crazy weekend as I was A) administering and then grading the final exam for my summer class and B) celebrating my 5 year anniversary with David, but it was well worth it to have some much needed girl time! Highlights from the weekend include: staying up late, drinking wine and chatting and/or watching Sex and the City with Katie (and sometimes David), hitting the uptown Art Fair with Jenny and then taking the baby to Chino Latinos for supper (not a stellar idea, believe it or not!), celebrating 5(!) years with my hubby on our first official date in over 5 months - at Jax Cafe in northeast Minneapolis (lots of yummy food and drinks, and the conversation only occasionally cycled back to "I wonder what Mia is doing right now - or how Laura and Gabe are doing babysitting her..."), shopping (Jenny insisted on hitting Forever 21, which we most obviously are not, so Katie and I bailed and got pretzels), and visiting Eddie (another college friend) at Rustica, where we were educated on the flavors and nuances of really good coffee!

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Ready for the big date (Gabe and Laura suggested that we take a picture so evidently we looked better than normal)!

Eddie hard at work.

Check out that beautiful froth design - pretty impressive work.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

7 months (and 6 days!)

The baby girl turned 7 months last Monday, but we've been too busy to get the photos posted. In the last month she has grown a TON! She went from being just under 15 lbs. to being 16 lbs. 11 oz. in one month! It must be all of the yummy solid foods that she's been enjoying - in addition to the oatmeal, avocado, and mangos that she likes, we now know that she also likes carrots! She is just starting to drink water from a sippy cup, but mostly she enjoys either chewing on it or tossing it on the floor. She is scooting all over the place, and this week she has really started to push up on all fours. She's so, so close to crawling! She's also sitting up almost entirely on her own, which you can see below. She's becoming even more aware of her surroundings - she LOVES watching the dog and cat; she stops whatever she is doing just to stare at them (and she even gets to pet Syd's tail every now and then when he's feeling gracious). Unfortunately, this also means that she notices when mommy and daddy aren't around!

Finally, she fell down onto her tummy and took off after my camera strap! Pictures done.

Friday, August 06, 2010


Can't believe that it's been 5 years since David and I tied the knot! Just a few memories of that great day...

We're heading to Jax Cafe in northeast Minneapolis tomorrow night for our first real date in 5 months(!) to celebrate!