Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The college roomies were in town!

I lived with twins in college, and they both flew into Minneapoland from opposite coasts last week to visit me! (Well, that and to go to another friend's wedding on the North Shore) It made for a crazy weekend as I was A) administering and then grading the final exam for my summer class and B) celebrating my 5 year anniversary with David, but it was well worth it to have some much needed girl time! Highlights from the weekend include: staying up late, drinking wine and chatting and/or watching Sex and the City with Katie (and sometimes David), hitting the uptown Art Fair with Jenny and then taking the baby to Chino Latinos for supper (not a stellar idea, believe it or not!), celebrating 5(!) years with my hubby on our first official date in over 5 months - at Jax Cafe in northeast Minneapolis (lots of yummy food and drinks, and the conversation only occasionally cycled back to "I wonder what Mia is doing right now - or how Laura and Gabe are doing babysitting her..."), shopping (Jenny insisted on hitting Forever 21, which we most obviously are not, so Katie and I bailed and got pretzels), and visiting Eddie (another college friend) at Rustica, where we were educated on the flavors and nuances of really good coffee!

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Ready for the big date (Gabe and Laura suggested that we take a picture so evidently we looked better than normal)!

Eddie hard at work.

Check out that beautiful froth design - pretty impressive work.

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Fixen Vixen said...

I had so much fun! It was so great to see you guys and meet little Mia!