Monday, August 02, 2010

Roxy & Gary's Wedding

We did a fly-in trip back home last weekend for the wedding of a family friend. Since we were literally traveling for only 24 hours, it was a little chaotic, but worth it to be there to celebrate!

Roxy has built this amazing house and event center on the river, so of course the wedding reception was there!

The bride was having a good time!

AND...the quartet sang! I guess you can force a band back together if you're one of the moms of one of the members!

Amelia slept through her uncle's singing!

There were also hayrides going around the property - pulled by Clydesdale horses! The driver even serenaded us as we rode!

Grandpa took Amelia to meet the horses!

She was pretty excited about her first hayride!

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Fixen Vixen said...

Mia is like the happiest baby ever! Or maybe she is just getting really good at posing for pictures. She is smiling in most of them. Amazing!