Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I promise that I'll finish blogging about our Alaska trip, but after reading about little Layla breaking through her first teeth over at Dr. Pistachio's blog, I wanted to share pics of Mia's teeth! I promised after her two bottom teeth broke through that I would work on getting a picture, but they were so tiny it was hard to ever get a good shot. So, after a few months' growth, here they are!

While on our trip, she also broke through two of her top teeth (not the middle two, but the ones just to the sides of the middle- weird, huh?). I had to hold her lip up to get a shot of one of them, but you get the idea. I was surprised by how much bigger they are compared to her bottom ones!


J-Funk said...

Nice camera work! That's so weird that she popped out the side ones first. Teething must be so painful! I wish we could be more helpful.

Redevetter said...

Tommy popped bottom two, top two, then his molars! He has two more "two year" molars to go, then we are done with teething. Yay!