Monday, October 04, 2010


Our baby girl turned 9 months old on Saturday! Things have been so crazy that I almost forgot to take her 9 month photos (still haven't taken her car seat photo, come to think of it...), but we did toast her birthday with mimosas and beer out in the Gopher tailgating lots (which I think she probably appreciated). The last month has been absolutely mind-blowing in how much she's grown and learned! She goes in for her checkup next week, so you'll have to wait until then for her measurements, but we can tell that she has grown a ton this past month! In addition to that, she sprouted two more teeth! Her two main front teeth are coming through, and these teeth have wreaked havoc on us! She slept horribly the entire month of September, and after the two teeth finally broke through in the last couple of weeks, I thought (hoped!) we'd be back to normal (up only once a night), but this past weekend she decided to regress and get up even more! Ugh. Here's hoping she passes out of this phase SOON!

Other than the teeth, in the past month she has learned how to clap, sit up from a crawling position (or maybe that was last month? who knows!), and pull herself up to a standing position.

She's starting to high five, but still hasn't figured out waving (or just refuses to do so). The guys that sit next to us at the Gophers games are trying to teach her how to bump fists, so we'll see how that goes! She moves all over the house - she's figured out how to truly crawl (although still enjoys army crawling from time to time). In the past week or so, she's starting "talking" to herself - all of the time! When she gets tired or wants to nurse she makes one set of sounds (na-na or possibly ma-ma?) and she just started saying da-da. We of course got excited when she did it and was looking straight at David, but for now I think she's just trying to master the sound. She gets to move into a big girl car seat (hopefully tomorrow, if we can manage to get it installed tonight!). I'll post on that more later, but she's close to outgrowing her infant seat at this point (she's long!).

She LOVES the pets - she goes up to the patio door and looks out the window at Jonas and she tries to chase Sydney throughout the house. Lucky for him, he's still faster at this point, but it won't be too long before she can catch him! Lucky for us, both pets seem to understand that they can't be too aggressive around her - Jonas gets to see her when we go on family walks, but he just likes to check her out in her stroller and then leave her alone, while Syd will let her pet him without swatting or biting (which is pretty impressive for him!).

That's all I can think of for now! Enjoy the photos! Mia refused almost entirely to look at the camera (oh no!) and was more intent on finding and eating the leaves and grass around her.


J-Funk said...

AWESOME pictures!!

What kind of big-girl carseat did you get? We've been looking into getting a Britax. I'm going to miss the infant seat!!

Have you done sleep training yet (letting them cry it out)? We HAD to at 4 months. It worked great, but she still gets up when she is teething or has a cold, and we haven't decided how to deal with it. I usually get up with her, but we're worried she'll forget her sleep training...

Laura said...

Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVE the picture where she is holding up the grass to the camera! So adorable!! I feel like she grows inches every time we see her (which probably isn't possible since we see her pretty often!) ;)

MJ said...

Josie - no sleep training because she was doing fine until these two front teeth started to come in! And I don't really think that letting her cry it out at this point is going to be the answer, since nursing seems to calm her down (and probably helps alleviate some of the teething pain).

We ended up getting a Britax Marathon car seat (not one of the next generation ones, because we could get one of the 'original' ones on closeout at We just installed it last night, but so far, so good! I do not miss the infant seat - she was getting WAY to heavy to lug around in it! :)

Karen said...

I'm with Laura one the grass pic. She looks like she's sharing.... She changes everytime you post a new shot! Which, by the way, was slow in coming this time;)

J-Funk said...

Yay Britax! Do you like it?

Have you ever tried clove oil for teething? I have no idea if it works, but it makes Layla smell like pumpkin pie! So yummy!! I think I just use it because I like to make my daughter smell like pumpkin pie.