Friday, November 12, 2010


My cousin's volleyball team (and my and my hubby's former alma mater) made it into the state volleyball tourney, so the whole family (minus grandma) is in town to watch! Yesterday, they won their first round, so today they play to make it into the state championship. Just wanted to share a few pictures from yesterday's game - we're all decked out in our MCW t-shirts that I made, and Mia was sporting her black and white!

My littlest brother was being a smart-ass about the t-shirts, so the back of his read "My cuzin is #7," but don't worry, the rest of ours were spelled correctly!


J-Funk said...

Wow those are so neat! How did you make those? Good luck to your cousin's volleyball team!

MJ said...

Stencils and sparkly fabric spray paint - it was a mess, but they turned out pretty well! (And then just white duct tape for the backs!)

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with the shirts! I couldn't even tell that they were "home-made." Until I saw the duct tape! Look like you guys had lots of fun!