Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend with the niece and nephews

We finally made the drive out to Sioux Falls to meet our new nephew, Gavin, over the weekend. It was a short trip (with A LOT of driving), but it was great to get to see him and the rest of the family, especially since we won't be seeing them over Thanksgiving. Gavin is already over 15 lbs at 2.5 months old(!), so there is a strong possibility that he will overtake Mia in weight by Christmas (she is 10.5 months old and probably closer to 19 lbs at this point)! Since the weather wasn't too nice, we spent the time inside playing catch, board games, and watching the Vikings. Too bad all of those cuties in their Viking gear wasn't enough luck for them to pull off a win!


Uncle KT said...

WI football: Coach Killers!
RIP: Brewster, Phillips, Childress

Laura said...

So cute! It's crazy how much Alex and Emmy look alike now!