Monday, November 29, 2010


By the way, the Gophers, a 2 and 9 team, beat #24 ranked IOWA this weekend to finish off their season at 3 & 9. Woo-hoo! The game was A LOT of fun, including the (security-authorized) rushing of the field at the conclusion. Check out a video from the press box (side note, I love the Michigan game reference mid-way through this video - the only reason we never rushed the field in the dome was because there was so much security we never got to! Thanks to TCF Bank Stadium security for allowing the fans to celebrate appropriately!)

Here's the view from our seats of the initial rush, and then we decided we'd better join in!

Somehow, we were able to find Daniel on the field - he was extremely excited to have touched "the pig" (the MN/IOWA trophy is a metal pig called the Floyd of Rosedale), although he managed to lose track of his girlfriend in the process!

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