Thursday, December 02, 2010

Dual Family Thanksgiving

My parents hosted Thanksgiving out at the farm this year for not only our family, but David's family as well! It was a great (albeit LARGE) group of people to spend the holiday with, and it kept David and I from having to travel back and forth all day long (whew!). There was way too much food (surprise, surprise) and a plethora of wine and beer (thank goodness!), and everyone mingled very well - playing pool, watching football, and playing board games in front of the fire, not to mention being entertained by Amelia's antics as she scurried about the house! Here are a few pics from the festivities...

Mia in the dress that Grandma Karen made for her - and the sweater that Great "Grandma" Pinky made!

My two favorite people!

David and Grandpa Leonard

The goose! There was a turkey on the grill and a ham for supper, but the goose is the star of the show for our family holidays!

Great Grandma Evie had the sweet touch - she was the only one that could get Amelia to go down for a nap!

Way too many choices for dessert!

Mia with both of her grandmas!

Note: Amelia is 11 months old today! Photos and an update on the past month coming soon!


J-Funk said...

wowzer! Our families talked about doing that too but I couldn't organize it, so we drove between two places and had two Thanksgivings. Layla was a real trooper.

I LOVE that dress! I'd like to know where to get the pattern (and the fabric)!

MJ said...

The pattern is McCall's M5791, sizes small to x-large. Mia's was the medium, view B. The fabric is from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern 2 collection, tangerine. My mom said she likes to find cool designer fabric at

J-Funk said...

Thanks Mandy!