Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas from us to you!

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Just wanted to give a quick update before I sign off for the holidays. For those of you that gave lots of great advice on how to help Mia sleep better, thank you! For the past few weeks we've all been sleeping much better. We made a few slight changes, most importantly we moved up her bedtime so that she's now going down closer to 7:30pm instead of 9:30pm, and she's sleeping much better! She's still getting up once to nurse, but we'll work on ending that shortly after Christmas as we try to decrease/end the nursing altogether. Plus, we found out the main catalyst behind her bad sleeping - she had her first molar break through! I think she's already working on another one, so we're hoping that the new sleeping routine helps this one go more smoothly. Meanwhile, I cannot believe how much she's changed and grown up in the past month! She's talking (hi, daddy, doggy, kitty, Jonas, and now Cali, which is one of her friends at daycare!). Still no "mama," but I'm trying to be patient. She's also started standing up on her own, but hasn't attempted too many steps - unless you count crawling up the stairs, which she's also figured out how to do (yikes!).

We're looking forward to heading down to our parents' homes for the Christmas weekend, then it's back up to work (or work from home in my case as the U is shutting down for a furlough period between Christmas and New Years), and then it's party time at Laura and Gabe's for New Year's Eve and Mia's first birthday party on the 2nd! Until then, have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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