Sunday, January 23, 2011

Video update

Mia is climbing the stairs - and not just one or two at a time - she's half-way up our stairs before we notice! Since the bottom half of our stairs are open, we can't just put a baby gate up to block them off, so we've had to prop the pack 'n play across the bottom steps to keep her off of them.

Playing peek-a-boo with daddy - she likes to "scare" daddy.

Walking! Although she took a few steps at the end of December, in the past few days she's finally started truly walking. She'll take 5-7 steps and sit down, but then she gets right back up and tries again! She's also much more steady all of a sudden - it's pretty crazy to watch the process. I don't have a good video of her walking on her own yet, but here is a video of her walking behind her new walker.

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