Monday, February 21, 2011

Basement: Done.

Ha. I just realized that I'm posting this after my good friend, Sara, just posted about finishing their basement- but they actually finished off the entire basement, whereas we just redid the finished basement that was already in place. And took almost 6 years to do so. So, the hubby's dad was up for the weekend (and then got snowed in for an extra night!), and in addition to doing a variety of small projects around the house, he and David managed to finish the remaining basement projects - including mounting our flat screen TV to the entertainment center (to prevent Mia from destroying it since she likes to bang on it!), replacing the ceiling light fixtures, and FINALLY putting new trim up! When we bought the house, there was wood paneling "wainscoting" half-way up the living room walls in the basement, hideous sconces, and old blue carpet.

Here is the basement before we actually purchased the house (with the previous owner's furniture, and my brother).

Here is what it looked like when we first moved in.

Here is a view of the wet bar/second kitchen.

After a flooding issue the first summer we lived there, I finally got a wild hair and removed the wood paneling one night while David was working a 24 hr shift in West St. Paul. Underneath the paneling I found mildew and no taping or mudding - just bare, damaged, drywall. We ended up bleaching, taping, mudding, priming, and painting everything, but the trim (which also got thrown out with the mildewy wood paneling) never got replaced. So, after two trips to Menards through the snow, and a few mis-cuttings, the trim is finally installed and the basement is officially done! Woo-hoo!

Friday, February 18, 2011


We've been BUSY playing catch up over here! I've been trying my hardest to finish up my part of this review article that I've been writing - I was able to get a rough draft of the writing to my old boss yesterday, along with half of the figures. Today and early next week will be spent making the final two figures (they take a lot of time because they're dealing with protein crystal structures and such). David is playing catch up, too, and when he got back to work, he found out that one of his full time fire fighters is taking another job outside of Chicago and is gone at the end of next week already! Mia bounced back nicely from her stomach bug last week- she's been sleeping extra well and eating a ton. She's also enjoyed getting outside this past week to enjoy the nice weather - we were able to pop her in the ergo carrier and walk the dog just about every day this week! This weekend we have our good friend, Liz, babysitting Saturday evening so we can attend the FD recognition banquet, and then David's dad is coming to town to visit. It should be a busy weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from our little Valentine!

Mia's first illness!

Mia got a stomach bug last Sunday night and then managed to take out the rest of the family throughout the week! She threw up in her crib overnight without waking either David or I up, so I stayed home with her Monday. She was fine all day, maybe a bit more tired than normal, but she didn't get sick again, and then at the end of supper she threw up everything! She threw up later that night, too, but this time she made sure we knew it. This went on for the next few days - she'd be fine all day (while I stayed home with her) and then she'd either throw up at supper or in her crib overnight. Tuesday night, after we put her to bed and she woke up vomiting a couple of hours later, we put her back to sleep and I ended up sick. David stayed home from work Wednesday to take care of both of us (Mia mostly wanted to know why mommy hadn't left the couch all morning long!). Unfortunately, David then got sick Wednesday night. The end result was that I stayed home from work Monday-Thursday, David went in late to work Tuesday, and stayed home Wednesday and Thursday, and we finally sent Mia back to daycare for a half-day Friday so that I could go into work and David could catch up on some work things from home while he finished recuperating. Needless to say, it was not a phenomenal week for us! Thankfully, we're all back to normal now. I'm extremely thankful that this is the first time she's been sick (besides a minor cold this fall), but WOW - what a way to spend a week!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Does the baby like red wine as much as we do?

As a follow-up to Amelia's 13 month update, at one point this week, on the same night that she figured out how to get through our stairs blockade, she and I were hanging out in the living room together and I was folding laundry and obviously not paying enough attention to her. All of a sudden, I turned around to see her 1) halfway up the stairs (again) and 2) holding my glass of red wine between her two little hands! I had placed the glass on the steps, thinking it would be safe from her, and she figured out a way to get it! After a semi-panic, I grabbed her and the wine before a huge catastrophe struck! Red wine splashed all over my white carpeted stairs would NOT be fun to clean up (in fact, I would have probably said "screw it" and left the stain as an incentive to rip the carpet off entirely!)! There is never a dull moment in our house these days (unless you count RIGHT NOW, in which Mia and David are gone and I'm surrounded by stacks of papers trying to write a review article at my dining room table!).

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

13 months!

I won't be continuing the monthly photo shoots for Amelia any longer, but I can give you a quick update: lots of standing, more walking, climbing the stairs WAY too often (she even figured out how to get through our blockade!), giving Jonas rawhide treats (he manages to grab them from her without biting her hand off!), more talking, screaming, another molar, getting into EVERYTHING!