Monday, February 21, 2011

Basement: Done.

Ha. I just realized that I'm posting this after my good friend, Sara, just posted about finishing their basement- but they actually finished off the entire basement, whereas we just redid the finished basement that was already in place. And took almost 6 years to do so. So, the hubby's dad was up for the weekend (and then got snowed in for an extra night!), and in addition to doing a variety of small projects around the house, he and David managed to finish the remaining basement projects - including mounting our flat screen TV to the entertainment center (to prevent Mia from destroying it since she likes to bang on it!), replacing the ceiling light fixtures, and FINALLY putting new trim up! When we bought the house, there was wood paneling "wainscoting" half-way up the living room walls in the basement, hideous sconces, and old blue carpet.

Here is the basement before we actually purchased the house (with the previous owner's furniture, and my brother).

Here is what it looked like when we first moved in.

Here is a view of the wet bar/second kitchen.

After a flooding issue the first summer we lived there, I finally got a wild hair and removed the wood paneling one night while David was working a 24 hr shift in West St. Paul. Underneath the paneling I found mildew and no taping or mudding - just bare, damaged, drywall. We ended up bleaching, taping, mudding, priming, and painting everything, but the trim (which also got thrown out with the mildewy wood paneling) never got replaced. So, after two trips to Menards through the snow, and a few mis-cuttings, the trim is finally installed and the basement is officially done! Woo-hoo!


J-Funk said...

Wow, really, really nice! I'm so impressed! I especially love the paint pattern and the lighting. What a ton of work!

Mandy said...

Thanks J-Funk!