Thursday, February 03, 2011

Does the baby like red wine as much as we do?

As a follow-up to Amelia's 13 month update, at one point this week, on the same night that she figured out how to get through our stairs blockade, she and I were hanging out in the living room together and I was folding laundry and obviously not paying enough attention to her. All of a sudden, I turned around to see her 1) halfway up the stairs (again) and 2) holding my glass of red wine between her two little hands! I had placed the glass on the steps, thinking it would be safe from her, and she figured out a way to get it! After a semi-panic, I grabbed her and the wine before a huge catastrophe struck! Red wine splashed all over my white carpeted stairs would NOT be fun to clean up (in fact, I would have probably said "screw it" and left the stain as an incentive to rip the carpet off entirely!)! There is never a dull moment in our house these days (unless you count RIGHT NOW, in which Mia and David are gone and I'm surrounded by stacks of papers trying to write a review article at my dining room table!).

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