Monday, February 14, 2011

Mia's first illness!

Mia got a stomach bug last Sunday night and then managed to take out the rest of the family throughout the week! She threw up in her crib overnight without waking either David or I up, so I stayed home with her Monday. She was fine all day, maybe a bit more tired than normal, but she didn't get sick again, and then at the end of supper she threw up everything! She threw up later that night, too, but this time she made sure we knew it. This went on for the next few days - she'd be fine all day (while I stayed home with her) and then she'd either throw up at supper or in her crib overnight. Tuesday night, after we put her to bed and she woke up vomiting a couple of hours later, we put her back to sleep and I ended up sick. David stayed home from work Wednesday to take care of both of us (Mia mostly wanted to know why mommy hadn't left the couch all morning long!). Unfortunately, David then got sick Wednesday night. The end result was that I stayed home from work Monday-Thursday, David went in late to work Tuesday, and stayed home Wednesday and Thursday, and we finally sent Mia back to daycare for a half-day Friday so that I could go into work and David could catch up on some work things from home while he finished recuperating. Needless to say, it was not a phenomenal week for us! Thankfully, we're all back to normal now. I'm extremely thankful that this is the first time she's been sick (besides a minor cold this fall), but WOW - what a way to spend a week!


J-Funk said...

WHAT! How can this be the first time you've been sick??!?! I'm SO JEALOUS!! This one sounds like a doozy though - we haven't had any throwing up here thank goodness. Yech! Glad you're all better now!

Mandy said...

Thanks J-Funk! I can't believe how many colds you guys have had over there!! I think (hope) Mia got our immune functions because David and I rarely (seriously, rarely) get bad colds!