Thursday, March 03, 2011


It's March, which should mean spring is on its way here in Minnesota, but unfortunately it was only 17 degrees yesterday! We're on our way to 30 today, woo-hoo! I need spring.

So, what's keeping me going through this long winter - besides being too busy with work and family to really have much else to think about? One, I've been cooking more and more with my fabulous Le Crueset French oven that my hubby surprised me with for Christmas. So far I've made a handful of items in it, and everything has turned out wonderfully - I don't know if it's possible to make bad food in such a pretty pot! This weekend, I made something as simple as this spicy tomato soup in it, and it was perfection! Especially when we added sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches to the menu. (Note: since we didn't have basil around, I used a handful of fresh rosemary - a good alternative, but rosemary is pretty intense so use LESS!)

Two, I've been plotting out projects for the summer. We're thinking about replacing our kitchen cupboards, countertop, and sink, which would be a big undertaking and requires a lot of measuring that we can't seem to remember to do, so that planning process is on hold for the time being. This morning, however, my cousin Missy shared this DIY project from Funky Junk Interiors - wooden crate-inspired steps! Since I already decorate and organize with various wooden crates in my kitchen, I loved it! It doesn't, however, go with our living room - which is where our main staircase is. (We are actually planning on ripping the carpet off of those steps and staining the wood underneath, but we can discuss that another time!) Then it dawned on me - the hubby and I were just talking about doing something about the stairs that lead down to our basement. This would be be PERFECT for that space! Looks like I have another project for this summer!

Now if spring would just get here...

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