Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mia loves the doggy and kitty!

Amelia has started antagonizing our cat, Syd, on a regular basis. Evidently it doesn't bother him too much, because most days he just lays there and lets her pat him (or in some cases, attempt to crawl on top of him!). Other days, he decides that it's time to fight back and starts swatting at her. Lucky for us, we had his front claws removed a long time ago, so he can safely play with her. It's pretty entertaining.

Meanwhile, one of her new favorite things to do is to give our dog, Jonas, a treat! This has worked out well for him, because every time our pantry door is open she decides that it's time to give him another treat. I'm amazed that our big, rambunctious dog can actually gently take the treat from her hand without biting it off!

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