Friday, April 29, 2011

Lots 'o stuff

Sorry for the lack of posts - April has been nuts. This week has been nuts as I ran what feels like a bazillion (that's a technical term) experiments, plus officially submitted my superantigen review for publication in FEBS Journal (it was an invited review that my grad school boss asked me to write with him, I spent the entire month of February writing it and putting together figures, it went out for peer review - an unusual thing for a review article, we made the revisions, re-submitted, and it was finally accepted this week, so then we had to upload a few more pieces that the journal wanted, plus review the pdf that will be available online immediately, and all in all, I'm glad it's DONE. Minus approving the proofs of the final edition. Okay, so it's almost done. Bah!) So, that being said, it's been busy.

What have you missed for the past month? On the advice of a fellow mommy-blogger, J-Funk, we purchased a gyrobowl for Mia to eat her yogurt out of. I had seen them before, but hadn't heard of anyone that had one, so wasn't sure if it was worth it. So far, so good, though! The thing makes it extremely hard for her to spill yogurt all over the place as the interior bowl stays upright at all times.

However, it doesn't prevent her from doing this...which is her preferred way to eat yogurt lately.

Oh, and you're screwed if she just decides to chuck it across the room. The only real concern I have with it is, because the interior bowl constantly moves, it can be hard for her to scoop by the food that's inside it. There isn't a steady surface that she can push the yogurt against to fill up her spoon. So, we may need to come up with a better option. I think this bowl will still be useful for snacks, though.

Cousin Niko also came to visit a couple of weeks ago! She went to the kids' consignment sales with Mia and I, which was a lot of fun. We found all sorts of goodies for the kid, plus it's always nice to have a teacher along when you're looking for kids' books! She and Mia got along pretty well...

Here she's showing off her new gray and pink Nike tennies that we found at one of the sales - all grown up in her big girl shoes!

Other than that, she's just growing, walking, talking, understanding (and responding) to more and more, wants to be outside as much as possible (she LOVES walking the dog) and generally just getting into all sorts of trouble. This weekend we celebrate daddy's birthday (he's just hoping for some nice weather to do yard work - so we've been told to go shopping and leave him be!), and Miss Mia will be 16 months old on Monday!

Oh, on another note, she was 22 lbs 5 oz and 31.5 inches at her 15 month checkup!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed Easter as a family of three up here in the cities. Church, to a park for pictures, Granite City for brunch, then home for some relaxation, yard work, and a family walk with the dog. Mia is enjoying spending more and more (and more!) time outside, and she and Jonas are learning to share the backyard (or Jonas is learning to give her a bit of space and not bowl her over every time we put her down on the ground!). We definitely need to find her some sort of jungle gym or outdoor toys SOON, as she is climbing on everything! Outside, she climbs up the deck stairs and then tries to walk down them because she doesn't like the hard, dirty steps on her knees (I can't tell if it's because they're hard or dirty...), then she climbs onto and into the fire pit. Inside, she tries to step on or sit on most of her toys, and she just learned how to climb up onto the white chairs in our living room (which have no arms, so once she's up, she has 3 sides to fall off of!).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Mia likes to put on mommy and daddy's hats, but lately she's been putting them on her head and then pulling them down to cover her face! She then proceeds to walk around the kitchen completely blinded by the hat and she thinks it's hilarious when she runs into something or falls down. I managed to snap a few pictures of her in my hat this weekend - I have a sneaking suspicion that she can actually see through the weave in this hat so that it's not as dangerous for her to walk around with it covering her face. What a goofball.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We survived!

We all survived our time away from each other, and even managed to have a little fun doing it! The warm weather, sun, and time together was great for David and I and Mia had a great time with grandma and grandpa B. It's good to be home, but David and I have jumped into crazy work weeks and Mia is dealing with a cold and another tooth coming through (I think it may be her first canine!). More later when I have more than 3 minutes to devote to a post!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mommy and Mia's Day

After grabbing a mommy-daughter lunch at Potbelly, we ran to Target to pick up some last minute travel items, then to the Como Park Conservatory and Zoo. Currently, the Conservatory is featuring their spring flower show in the sunken garden. It was beautiful and smelled amazing, but it was super busy, so I didn't get any good photos of the baby girl in there. I did try to capture a few of her walking down the paths and playing on the benches (she was obsessed with sitting on the wooden benches placed throughout the conservatory). She rarely looked at the camera, and was constantly moving, so I had a hard time getting a good shot, but I still like the record of our big day together.

She passed out in the car on the way home, then we walked the dog, gave her a bath, and are currently eating supper. I gave her a tub of yogurt, which she loves, but most of it ends up all over EVERYTHING and not actually in her mouth. Oh well, she has to learn to feed herself somehow, right?

How can you not miss this face?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Big Trip!

I'm off to a work conference this week in Clearwater Beach, FLORIDA! I fly out first thing Wednesday morning, but am planning to spend the entire day playing with Miss Mia tomorrow, and therefore plan to be off-line as much as possible. It's my first work conference in 2 and a half years (whew!), and my first extended period away from the baby girl. Because it's in Clearwater, FLORIDA, David is joining me for the weekend, so we'll both be experiencing being baby-free for the first time together - which means that grandma and grandpa B. are taking care of Mia! Why, you may ask, do I keep capitalizing FLORIDA? Well, it's April here in Minnesota, but we still have snow on the ground, and as I write this it's still only 45 degrees out. Spring is here (I have bulbs poking through my front garden to prove it), but it's been one LONG winter and therefore, I'm trying to focus really, really hard on the fact that I'm going on a pseudo-vacation to a much warmer locale in an attempt to distract me from the fact that I'll be away from Amelia for FIVE WHOLE DAYS.

So, the conference is Wednesday through Saturday, I fly out first thing Wednesday, while the hubby has the baby for one additional night before he hands her off to his mom and flies out late Thursday night to meet me. We both are coming back Sunday night so that we have a little extra time to enjoy the beautiful FLORIDA weather. (It's supposed to be 85 degrees, with lows in the mid-60's - you have NO idea how great that's going to feel, unless you've also been stuck in this winter hell!) Since I do actually have to attend at least a few session of the conference Friday and Saturday, David will be on his own both mornings. He thinks he'll be bored, but I keep reminding him that while I'm stuck listening to yet another presentation on how important HIV in the brain is (a point that is highly debatable in my opinion), he will be out laying on the beach or riding a bicycle or drinking margaritas. I think he'll be fine.

With that, I'll let you know how the whole 'being away from the baby for the first long period of time' thing goes. Meanwhile, let's just hope grandma and grandpa B. realize what they're getting themselves into...she just started working on another tooth this weekend.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Oh no!

The kid just learned the words "Don't" and "No" this week! Yikes!