Monday, April 04, 2011

Big Trip!

I'm off to a work conference this week in Clearwater Beach, FLORIDA! I fly out first thing Wednesday morning, but am planning to spend the entire day playing with Miss Mia tomorrow, and therefore plan to be off-line as much as possible. It's my first work conference in 2 and a half years (whew!), and my first extended period away from the baby girl. Because it's in Clearwater, FLORIDA, David is joining me for the weekend, so we'll both be experiencing being baby-free for the first time together - which means that grandma and grandpa B. are taking care of Mia! Why, you may ask, do I keep capitalizing FLORIDA? Well, it's April here in Minnesota, but we still have snow on the ground, and as I write this it's still only 45 degrees out. Spring is here (I have bulbs poking through my front garden to prove it), but it's been one LONG winter and therefore, I'm trying to focus really, really hard on the fact that I'm going on a pseudo-vacation to a much warmer locale in an attempt to distract me from the fact that I'll be away from Amelia for FIVE WHOLE DAYS.

So, the conference is Wednesday through Saturday, I fly out first thing Wednesday, while the hubby has the baby for one additional night before he hands her off to his mom and flies out late Thursday night to meet me. We both are coming back Sunday night so that we have a little extra time to enjoy the beautiful FLORIDA weather. (It's supposed to be 85 degrees, with lows in the mid-60's - you have NO idea how great that's going to feel, unless you've also been stuck in this winter hell!) Since I do actually have to attend at least a few session of the conference Friday and Saturday, David will be on his own both mornings. He thinks he'll be bored, but I keep reminding him that while I'm stuck listening to yet another presentation on how important HIV in the brain is (a point that is highly debatable in my opinion), he will be out laying on the beach or riding a bicycle or drinking margaritas. I think he'll be fine.

With that, I'll let you know how the whole 'being away from the baby for the first long period of time' thing goes. Meanwhile, let's just hope grandma and grandpa B. realize what they're getting themselves into...she just started working on another tooth this weekend.


David said...

I think we can do it! Longest stretch without Mia in 15+ months has been about 24 hours (I think).
Also, by the way, I will be biking while drinking a margerita; I'm a multi-tasker.

J-Funk said...

Wow, that sounds amazing!! We have been debating a vacation - but no family nearby so it would be all three of us.

I've been away twice for 2-day trips, both were very hard - the first, I got sick, and the second, she was sick so I was really worried about leaving Derek alone (he did fine). Leaving is the hardest, once you're gone, it'll be awesome!!