Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed Easter as a family of three up here in the cities. Church, to a park for pictures, Granite City for brunch, then home for some relaxation, yard work, and a family walk with the dog. Mia is enjoying spending more and more (and more!) time outside, and she and Jonas are learning to share the backyard (or Jonas is learning to give her a bit of space and not bowl her over every time we put her down on the ground!). We definitely need to find her some sort of jungle gym or outdoor toys SOON, as she is climbing on everything! Outside, she climbs up the deck stairs and then tries to walk down them because she doesn't like the hard, dirty steps on her knees (I can't tell if it's because they're hard or dirty...), then she climbs onto and into the fire pit. Inside, she tries to step on or sit on most of her toys, and she just learned how to climb up onto the white chairs in our living room (which have no arms, so once she's up, she has 3 sides to fall off of!).


Redevetter said...

Over the top cuteness! :)

J-Funk said...

Oh my goodness what a pretty dress! We are also getting excited about being outside - spring came with perfect timing for a newly walking toddler.