Friday, April 29, 2011

Lots 'o stuff

Sorry for the lack of posts - April has been nuts. This week has been nuts as I ran what feels like a bazillion (that's a technical term) experiments, plus officially submitted my superantigen review for publication in FEBS Journal (it was an invited review that my grad school boss asked me to write with him, I spent the entire month of February writing it and putting together figures, it went out for peer review - an unusual thing for a review article, we made the revisions, re-submitted, and it was finally accepted this week, so then we had to upload a few more pieces that the journal wanted, plus review the pdf that will be available online immediately, and all in all, I'm glad it's DONE. Minus approving the proofs of the final edition. Okay, so it's almost done. Bah!) So, that being said, it's been busy.

What have you missed for the past month? On the advice of a fellow mommy-blogger, J-Funk, we purchased a gyrobowl for Mia to eat her yogurt out of. I had seen them before, but hadn't heard of anyone that had one, so wasn't sure if it was worth it. So far, so good, though! The thing makes it extremely hard for her to spill yogurt all over the place as the interior bowl stays upright at all times.

However, it doesn't prevent her from doing this...which is her preferred way to eat yogurt lately.

Oh, and you're screwed if she just decides to chuck it across the room. The only real concern I have with it is, because the interior bowl constantly moves, it can be hard for her to scoop by the food that's inside it. There isn't a steady surface that she can push the yogurt against to fill up her spoon. So, we may need to come up with a better option. I think this bowl will still be useful for snacks, though.

Cousin Niko also came to visit a couple of weeks ago! She went to the kids' consignment sales with Mia and I, which was a lot of fun. We found all sorts of goodies for the kid, plus it's always nice to have a teacher along when you're looking for kids' books! She and Mia got along pretty well...

Here she's showing off her new gray and pink Nike tennies that we found at one of the sales - all grown up in her big girl shoes!

Other than that, she's just growing, walking, talking, understanding (and responding) to more and more, wants to be outside as much as possible (she LOVES walking the dog) and generally just getting into all sorts of trouble. This weekend we celebrate daddy's birthday (he's just hoping for some nice weather to do yard work - so we've been told to go shopping and leave him be!), and Miss Mia will be 16 months old on Monday!

Oh, on another note, she was 22 lbs 5 oz and 31.5 inches at her 15 month checkup!

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Fixen Vixen said...

I see she still loves Piglet! Who says kids are fickle?