Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mia is (almost) 18 months old!

Can't believe, as of Saturday, our baby is a year and a half! It seems like we were just celebrating her first birthday and all of a sudden 6 months has passed! She is definitely all toddler now - she's constantly into things she knows she shouldn't be into, she climbs on everything, she hollers/screams when she wants something and can't actually SAY what she wants, and she knows how to throw a good ol' temper tantrum like the best of them. We're working on time outs, although I'm skeptical how much she actually understands about what is going on at this point. On the flip side, she is a smiley, laughing, dancing, hugging, kissing little light in our lives! As much work as this stage is, it's continually rewarding! Since I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, here are some pics to see how much she's grown over the past year and a half:

Baby Mia!

Six months old!

1 year old!

1.5 years old and SASSY!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Amelia Update

It's been awhile since I've posted an update specific for Miss Amelia, so here we go! She's 17+ months - almost a year and a half old! She has fully emerged as a toddler - she's walking, running, climbing (on top of the dining room table, into the bay window, up the stairs...), talking back (no!), yelling, singing, dancing, and embracing her naughty side more and more! We're (very slowly) trying to introduce the concept of a time out, so we'll see how that goes. Last week she pushed down the other (older, bigger) girls at her day care when they were out on the playground, but hasn't done anything since then. So David and I are quickly trying to figure out how to parent an actual kid - and not just a baby anymore! (Thank god for other parent friends and good books!) Meanwhile, it constantly amazes us how much she is learning and growing - she understands so much more than we realize, which is awesome and a little scary. She loves being outside (and throws a good tantrum when she has to come back in), walking the dog, playing with her IKEA kitchen stuff (still!), playing with balls, rocking in her rocking chair and watching Mickey Mouse, playing with her tea set and dancing to the songs it plays, and reading books. (On that note, thanks to the other mommys that played along with the book exchange - she got 4 books - and they were all new to us!) As far as talking goes, she has started calling kittys "E!," she knows what dogs, cows, and lions say (she even said "E!" when we saw the lions at the Como Zoo last weekend!), she can identify her nose, ears, teeth, tongue, and eyes. She can say "All done!" when she's done eating at the table. She learned "Blast Off!" from Uncle Daniel and periodically says it regardless of whether or not he's actually around! She's still pretty tall, but staying petite (except for her big tummy - too cute!), and her red hair is staying super curly and getting long enough that we may need to contemplate getting it cut soon. She goes to her first dentist appointment next week - she has all but her 2yr molars at this point. Oh, and she's brushing up on her home improvement skills so that she can start helping us with all of our house projects:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

More pub crawl pics!

Just wanted to share a few more pics from pub crawl as I just got them from Laura (thanks!)! Included is our annual full group shot in front of the Lamplighter. This is after the FIRST bar people. Yep, we were already doing pretty good at that point. Granted, it is a (dirty) strip club, at 11:30 in the morning, that requires a LOT of booze.

No Sinclair Dinosaur this year? No problem! We'll just use Dax.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rice St Pub Crawl 2011

We survived the 4th annual Rice St Pub Crawl! After missing last year (due to the fact that we had a 5 month old in residence), we were back with a vengeance! This year we started the crawl early at 11am instead of our normal 3pm start, then we grilled out, enjoyed a bonfire, some lawn games, and for the most part sobered up at our place for the night before (just about) everyone went home.

Highlights from this year's crawl include:
1) Mr. Ryan Fett actually made the bus for the first time in 4 years! In fact, everyone actually made the bus this year - except a newbie that had car problems and didn't make it to the crawl at all (sorry Joe!).
2) Early start = mimosa/fuzzy navel/screwdriver fish bowl. Much better than the random mixes of year's past!

3)Starting things off at the Lamplighter bright and early - nothing says classy like drinking in a strip club at 11:30am!
4) BINGO. We made BINGO cards pertaining to the crawl, which was fun for the first few bars, but were quickly forgotten for the remainder. Next year, back to the "rules!"

5) Deep fried tacos as Dean's. The perfect drunken food, as always. Add to that pull tabs and a meat raffle and you have all the makings of a good time.

6) No Captain David sightings at Brady's, but we made friends with the bartender, and for that matter, pretty much everyone else in there. I think they loved us.

7) No one got kicked out of a bar! Woo-hoo! Evidently we're growing up. Actually, no one got really sick, either. But we did have two newbies (little brother and his girlfriend) that passed out as soon as we got home at 7pm...clearly they couldn't keep up with us old people.

All in all, it was another good crawl. Looking forward to next year, but glad to have this big event over with for this summer! (A big thanks to Kelsey for taking lots of great pics!!)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Suffice it to say - we've been busy, again.

T minus 5 days until Rice St Pub Crawl 2011! After a long Memorial day weekend back home with our families (graduation party, softball games, a round of golf in the rain, and plenty of family time), we spent the last weekend working on house and yard projects (again!). But I think we're just about ready to host the 4th annual pub crawl - and have a spectacular yard to come back to! A branch/compost pile that has been slowly growing over the past 6 (!) years that we've been living in our house was hauled away, we mulched our entire veggie garden and vineyard to cut down on weeds, and we caught up on laundry and housework. Luckily, we took a break Saturday afternoon to head over to St. Anthony Park to hit up the art fair, eat some yummy gyros and homemade ice cream, and checked out the shops and art vendors in the area. It was a much needed break! Here are just a couple of shots of Mia from Memorial day weekend - all decked out to go out on the boat for the afternoon!