Friday, June 17, 2011

Amelia Update

It's been awhile since I've posted an update specific for Miss Amelia, so here we go! She's 17+ months - almost a year and a half old! She has fully emerged as a toddler - she's walking, running, climbing (on top of the dining room table, into the bay window, up the stairs...), talking back (no!), yelling, singing, dancing, and embracing her naughty side more and more! We're (very slowly) trying to introduce the concept of a time out, so we'll see how that goes. Last week she pushed down the other (older, bigger) girls at her day care when they were out on the playground, but hasn't done anything since then. So David and I are quickly trying to figure out how to parent an actual kid - and not just a baby anymore! (Thank god for other parent friends and good books!) Meanwhile, it constantly amazes us how much she is learning and growing - she understands so much more than we realize, which is awesome and a little scary. She loves being outside (and throws a good tantrum when she has to come back in), walking the dog, playing with her IKEA kitchen stuff (still!), playing with balls, rocking in her rocking chair and watching Mickey Mouse, playing with her tea set and dancing to the songs it plays, and reading books. (On that note, thanks to the other mommys that played along with the book exchange - she got 4 books - and they were all new to us!) As far as talking goes, she has started calling kittys "E!," she knows what dogs, cows, and lions say (she even said "E!" when we saw the lions at the Como Zoo last weekend!), she can identify her nose, ears, teeth, tongue, and eyes. She can say "All done!" when she's done eating at the table. She learned "Blast Off!" from Uncle Daniel and periodically says it regardless of whether or not he's actually around! She's still pretty tall, but staying petite (except for her big tummy - too cute!), and her red hair is staying super curly and getting long enough that we may need to contemplate getting it cut soon. She goes to her first dentist appointment next week - she has all but her 2yr molars at this point. Oh, and she's brushing up on her home improvement skills so that she can start helping us with all of our house projects:

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