Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mia is (almost) 18 months old!

Can't believe, as of Saturday, our baby is a year and a half! It seems like we were just celebrating her first birthday and all of a sudden 6 months has passed! She is definitely all toddler now - she's constantly into things she knows she shouldn't be into, she climbs on everything, she hollers/screams when she wants something and can't actually SAY what she wants, and she knows how to throw a good ol' temper tantrum like the best of them. We're working on time outs, although I'm skeptical how much she actually understands about what is going on at this point. On the flip side, she is a smiley, laughing, dancing, hugging, kissing little light in our lives! As much work as this stage is, it's continually rewarding! Since I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, here are some pics to see how much she's grown over the past year and a half:

Baby Mia!

Six months old!

1 year old!

1.5 years old and SASSY!

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J-Funk said...

AWESOME time-lapse pics!!

Time outs, HMMMMM.... I should read up on this.