Monday, June 06, 2011

Suffice it to say - we've been busy, again.

T minus 5 days until Rice St Pub Crawl 2011! After a long Memorial day weekend back home with our families (graduation party, softball games, a round of golf in the rain, and plenty of family time), we spent the last weekend working on house and yard projects (again!). But I think we're just about ready to host the 4th annual pub crawl - and have a spectacular yard to come back to! A branch/compost pile that has been slowly growing over the past 6 (!) years that we've been living in our house was hauled away, we mulched our entire veggie garden and vineyard to cut down on weeds, and we caught up on laundry and housework. Luckily, we took a break Saturday afternoon to head over to St. Anthony Park to hit up the art fair, eat some yummy gyros and homemade ice cream, and checked out the shops and art vendors in the area. It was a much needed break! Here are just a couple of shots of Mia from Memorial day weekend - all decked out to go out on the boat for the afternoon!

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Laura said...

I'm pretty sure I have that same outfit! ;)