Thursday, July 28, 2011

Proud Mama!

The girl put her "new" dress-up heels on all on all by herself and walked around like the diva that she is!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A girl after her mama's heart

This is my daughter. She climbs onto and over everything these days. Nothing is safe. So what did we find her doing a few days ago? She was innocently playing with an empty sippy cup on a chair.

A chair which just happens to be situated next to a pot of herbs.


She was picking spearmint leaves and putting them into her sippy cup (and a few into her mouth, of course!). Mojitos anyone?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Outing with Uncle Dan and Auntie Kendra

Mia lucked out and got to spend the afternoon with Uncle Dan and Auntie Kendra today - they were in town and volunteered to take her so that we could finish up a few things (tree removal for the hubby and errands for me). She got to go to the Grand Ol' Creamery for ice cream, and enjoyed sharing with Uncle Dan, then she went to the zoo to see the animals. Looks like they had a pretty good time - thanks to Kendra for the pics!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Props to Liz!

Have to share a link to a new blog started my Liz, a good friend of mine for a LONG time (I was her nanny when I was in high a LONG time). I really love her recent post about going without in which she stayed off of Facebook for 3 whole days. For us older folks, that may seem kind of trivial, but you have to remember that the generations behind us practically grew up with Facebook, therefore to stay away from it entirely for 3 days is quite a feat! (Seriously, we could have a whole other conversation about how to begin to TEACH these kids that are essentially living in social media...a topic I've given quite a bit of thought to recently.) But back to Liz - take a look at her inspiring blog and see what you think. Maybe you'll get sucked into like I was this morning - you can take quizzes about chemical symbols and famous paintings, among many other things (but sadly, no biology). It's addicting, and by answering questions, you are donating rice to people in need. Or better yet, spend a little money to get a new pair of TOMS shoes and have a pair donated at the same time. Something for you, something for someone in need. (Moms, take a look at the Tiny TOMS - adorable!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So big!

Mia really enjoys dressing herself - she likes trying all of her shoes and even tries to get into mom and dad's (or our guest's) from time to time. She can put on hats and sunglasses and gets pretty close to putting on her jackets and sweatshirts. Last weekend, however, she tried putting on dad's shorts. This was the result. She thought it was pretty funny.

She also started saying her own name! She says "Mee-aaa!" I don't think she was nearly as excited about this as we were, though. It was more like "Yeah, so what? Of course I can say my own name. Let me do it again."

"What? I'm not supposed to bite this?" I'm pretty sure her 2 yr molars are making their way to the surface. She's biting EVERYTHING, including us, lately.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More house projects

Just a quick update on some more house projects. I found these fabulous wood chairs at the Back to the 50s Car Show swap meet (for $40, total!), but they were in need of a new coat of paint and some new cushions.

They were a perfect find for our deck as one of my previous red chairs broke during pub crawl (the wood was rotting, so I think someone sat down too hard in it and it finally gave away). The remaining chair moved off the deck and these new ones took their place. Perfect! It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the chairs are pretty low and actually angle down to the back, making for a more unique design than my previous chairs. I was having a hard time finding a cushion that fit the new chairs since they are a bit wider and deeper than traditional patio furniture, but I came across some thick square cushions on clearance at Target yesterday, and they are a PERFECT FIT! I was so excited that I may need to head back and pick up another set just in case something happens to one of these!

We also took the hot weekend to repaint our bathroom, which needed a new coat of paint on both the walls and the ceiling as you can see in the pics.

We went with a Dutchboy color - Water Slide - for the walls, which I think gives the room an overall lighter and fresher look.

Up next? Removing the two huge maple branches from our backyard that came down in Sunday's strong winds.

So sad! Then it's on to re-painting the living room!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Fashionable

She requires not ONE headband, but THREE!

Unfortunately, she didn't keep any of them on, so her hair looks like a wild rat's nest today! The curls are beautiful, but they're pretty crazy to manage. In other news, her 18 month checkup was this morning and she's a perfect 23.8 lbs (50th %) and 33 inches (70-75th %), which is just where we want her to be. No shots, which was a good thing, because for the first time she actually recognized that she was in the doctor's office and was not a happy camper! Could make for an interesting 2 yr appt!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

We spent an extra long weekend back home with our families over the 4th. The weather was just about PERFECT - sunny, hot, and almost entirely free of rain! This meant we did a lot of boating, swimming, sitting on the deck, and playing in the yard, which was awesome.

Only a couple of pictures were taken at my family's cabin, but here is one of Mia and Grandpa Jon enjoying the morning out on the deck.

We enjoyed an extra dose of family time at David's parents' cabin, as his brother's family was there, too! Three kids on their side (7 1/2, 4, and 10 months!), plus Mia, meant that there was never a dull moment! Mia got to try out her cousin, Gavin's, floaty, which she LOVED and demanded that we buy her one immediately.

She then proceeded to show him how to play...

Blast off with Daddy!

Quick family pic!


Mia LOVED picking Grandma Vicki's flowers and putting them behind her ear!

Grandkids with Great-Grandpa Leonard.

Best photo with Grandma and Grandpa - next time: one camera so everyone is looking in the same direction!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. The best part, however, was having my parents' cabin to ourselves on Tuesday morning, after getting a full night's sleep (Mia had us averaging about 5 hrs each of the previous nights!). We enjoyed breakfast, coffee, and some reading and cartoon time before having to get ready and get on with our day. It was a much needed quiet end to a busy weekend! Hope all of your 4ths were just as much fun!