Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More house projects

Just a quick update on some more house projects. I found these fabulous wood chairs at the Back to the 50s Car Show swap meet (for $40, total!), but they were in need of a new coat of paint and some new cushions.

They were a perfect find for our deck as one of my previous red chairs broke during pub crawl (the wood was rotting, so I think someone sat down too hard in it and it finally gave away). The remaining chair moved off the deck and these new ones took their place. Perfect! It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the chairs are pretty low and actually angle down to the back, making for a more unique design than my previous chairs. I was having a hard time finding a cushion that fit the new chairs since they are a bit wider and deeper than traditional patio furniture, but I came across some thick square cushions on clearance at Target yesterday, and they are a PERFECT FIT! I was so excited that I may need to head back and pick up another set just in case something happens to one of these!

We also took the hot weekend to repaint our bathroom, which needed a new coat of paint on both the walls and the ceiling as you can see in the pics.

We went with a Dutchboy color - Water Slide - for the walls, which I think gives the room an overall lighter and fresher look.

Up next? Removing the two huge maple branches from our backyard that came down in Sunday's strong winds.

So sad! Then it's on to re-painting the living room!


Angela said...

Mandy, your chairs look awesome. I love the red!

Mandy said...

Thanks Ang!