Thursday, July 21, 2011

Props to Liz!

Have to share a link to a new blog started my Liz, a good friend of mine for a LONG time (I was her nanny when I was in high a LONG time). I really love her recent post about going without in which she stayed off of Facebook for 3 whole days. For us older folks, that may seem kind of trivial, but you have to remember that the generations behind us practically grew up with Facebook, therefore to stay away from it entirely for 3 days is quite a feat! (Seriously, we could have a whole other conversation about how to begin to TEACH these kids that are essentially living in social media...a topic I've given quite a bit of thought to recently.) But back to Liz - take a look at her inspiring blog and see what you think. Maybe you'll get sucked into like I was this morning - you can take quizzes about chemical symbols and famous paintings, among many other things (but sadly, no biology). It's addicting, and by answering questions, you are donating rice to people in need. Or better yet, spend a little money to get a new pair of TOMS shoes and have a pair donated at the same time. Something for you, something for someone in need. (Moms, take a look at the Tiny TOMS - adorable!)

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