Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So big!

Mia really enjoys dressing herself - she likes trying all of her shoes and even tries to get into mom and dad's (or our guest's) from time to time. She can put on hats and sunglasses and gets pretty close to putting on her jackets and sweatshirts. Last weekend, however, she tried putting on dad's shorts. This was the result. She thought it was pretty funny.

She also started saying her own name! She says "Mee-aaa!" I don't think she was nearly as excited about this as we were, though. It was more like "Yeah, so what? Of course I can say my own name. Let me do it again."

"What? I'm not supposed to bite this?" I'm pretty sure her 2 yr molars are making their way to the surface. She's biting EVERYTHING, including us, lately.

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J-Funk said...

The pigtails are SO CUTE!!!! I can't chase Layla down fast enough to do that :(