Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Country Livin'

While "back home" for my parents' 50th birthday tiki party, we had our friends, Laura and Gabe, in town to help out with the festivities as well as to partake in some "country livin'" for the weekend. Laura lucked out by getting to come down Thursday night - just in time to catch The Band Perry at the Martin County Fair. In addition, because we had Mia along and my family does farm, we spent a good deal of time in the animal barns where she got a quick education on how to judge pigs, cows, and sheep from Dan's girlfriend, Kendra. They even got to guess how much a large bull weighed - and came very close to the correct weight - oh the excitement! Oh, and who could forget the goat trivia game we ran across in the 4-H exhibit building? Laura almost made us do all of the trivia questions - she was pretty excited.

After multiple claims of "country livin'" we decided we needed to start tweeting the fun. Here are some tweets to recap the #countrylivin weekend:

mandyinminneap: Heading to the red carpet...#countrylivin

laura7983: About to drink at a place called "Bar" #countrylivin (the aforementioned "red carpet," which does not have its official name anywhere outside or inside the bar, nor does it have red carpet any longer, but is still legally called the "Red Carpet Lounge" - we asked the bartender since we were the only ones in the bar that night!)

mandyinminneap: The hubby just got a hole in one! #countrylivin (True story!)

laura7983: Had an awesome time doing some #countrylivin with @mandyinminneap, @dwbraz, and @gabemortoncook this weekend!

mandyinminneap: #forgottotweet hitting a deer at 70 mph on I-90....#countrylivin (Unfortunately, also true - the Jeep is still in the shop, but thankfully neither David nor Stephen were hurt! And Mia wasn't in the vehicle!!)

There were many more examples of country livin' but they're so normal for those of us that grew up down there that we forget about how odd they seem to outsiders. Such as - not locking the car when it's at someone's house (I still do in town), cramming a couple of people into the back of the Xterra for a quick ride home post-party (it was just David and Gabe, so not that big of a deal!), walking with our golf bags down to the golf course (maybe a better example is all of the old people that constantly drive around in their golf carts?)... Maybe Laura has a few more?

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