Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MN State Fair 2011 Edition

We took Mia to the state fair twice last weekend - we had to get in our fix before we all head out of town for Labor day weekend (more on that to come!). We took advantage of my free lunch pass in as a UMN faculty/staff member on Friday and hit up the barns, visited the new baby lambs and piglets in the Miracle of Birth Center, grabbed a few of our fave snacks (french fries, gyro, chocolate shake, frozen cider, and a corn dog for Mia!), checked out the amateur wine competition, and just enjoyed the fair until it started getting busy and we high-tailed it out of there. We went back on Sunday for a longer session. We got in, grabbed a quick breakfast at Blue Moon Cafe, hit the barns we hadn't seen on Friday (Mia got to pet a bunny!),

strolled through most of the buildings, found Mia some Minnie Mouse ears (to almost complete her Halloween costume!), ate some more of our faves (cheese curds with 1919 root beer, turkey sandwich, more frozen cider - Mia and I found a new fave!, and Sweet Martha's and milk - of course!).

It was a good couple of trips, but now I'm at home avoiding the fair since the actual craziness surrounding it is only fun when you are also participating (not when you're just trying to get to work, which is right next door for me!).

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