Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiki Party Success!

The proof is in the pictures! See for yourself - a fantastic time was had by all!

The tent!

Our lighting job inside the tent - two girls, one tall ladder, a little green curling ribbon, and a whole lot of gorilla tape!

The bars! Laura and I made 7 pans of bars in 2.5 hours! Blitz baking!

The guests of honor (my parents, on the left) and the hosts (my aunt and uncle, on the right).

Dan and Grandma Evie playing lawn Jenga. I think she won.

The s'mores station! Getting a good photo was a bit difficult, but it was a hit!

Because what party ISN'T fun with life-size photo heads?

A surprise from my parents' neighbors - what they will look like at 80...

The mai tais were making everyone a little goofy...

A late night of partying, but they look pretty happy, don't you think?

(Note: I had to steal a few pictures from other family members via Facebook to give you a full representation of the evening! Thanks Missy and Jan!)


Karen said...

It was a BLAST! A well planned party (Mandy!)with tons of wonderful help,(thanks Laura and Gabe, Jen and Jon, and our great kids, Kendra too!!!!!) Love ya all.

roxy said...

Mandy I just had to thank you and David for the wonderful time at your mom and dad's party....great ideas...colorful decorations...and fun with friends I havent seen all summer! It went entirely too fast!!!!
gosh those Mia Tais where deadly....wow
thanks bunches for the great evening...looking forward to their 51st....just kidding.
roxy s

Mandy said...

Thanks Roxy!! You are welcome. :)