Thursday, September 22, 2011

Amelia Update, 20 1/2 months

Twenty and a half months will really be twenty-one months in just over a week! Fall is here, the early frost (3 weeks!) wreaked havoc on the gardens, flower pots, and fields, so I'm feeling the pressure of fitting things in before the snow arrives again. That included getting the living room painted and the oak tree taken down (see below), but will also include (hopefully) getting some cement re-sloped near our house to avoid future water in the basement, trimming the remaining trees on our property, planting 2-3 new trees (yay! hopefully this weekend!), and finding some time to get some family photos taken with the fall colors. Which brings me to the Amelia update, which has been a long time coming! Looking back over the summer, I can't believe that we're dealing with the same kid - how did she get so big so fast?? She's constantly jabbering now, and will frequently answer your questions - granted, it's usually all "Yeah" or all "No", depending on her mood, but she answers in a way that makes you think she really means what she says!. Other times, she'll pause and go, "Umm...." (wonder who she gets that from!) She also says a lot of "Oh no!" and "Whoa!" She is starting to sing! She really loves listening to us sing "Old MacDonald" and the alphabet song, plus she'll try to request songs at bedtime (usually "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"). She can even kind of sing "E-I-E-I-O." She's even trying REALLY hard to count! She's got 1 down, and usually 2, but 3 is a bit harder. We count ALL of the time now! She's definitely gotten bigger and stronger - she pulls herself onto everything - including the dining room table! She hasn't crawled out of her crib yet, but I have caught her swinging her leg up, so I think it'll be soon (yikes!). She LOVES her slide in the backyard and when we drive past the park on the way home from daycare, she says "Whee!!" She'll even go down the big slides at the park by herself. We're currently trying to teach her to jump, stand on one leg, and throw a ball, which is pretty amusing for all of us. She still loves Piglet (she takes him everywhere!) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - although she's more excited about Minnie these days! She loves to watch mom cook and bake, trying to color, playing dress up, doing puzzles, and reading books. She's very demanding - she will make sure you know EXACTLY what she wants, so I think we'll all be happy when she finally can just SAY what she wants! Here's a little bit longer video- she was having fun watching herself in the camera viewfinder!

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