Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Home Improvements (?)

I have a bit of writer's block today (not good, considering my experiments weren't ready to go this morning and all I need to be doing is WRITING), so I'm going to share our recent house projects with you (but I'm probably not going to be able to actually SAY much about them!). The weekend before last, the hubby and I went a little crazy and decided to repaint our main floor living room in TWO DAYS. This is saying something because 1) we have a TODDLER and 2) the walls in our living room are textured and therefore take extra time to paint, plus they go all the way upstairs as we have an open staircase in that room - thus, we ended up painting 1.5 rooms instead of just 1! The only way this project was even remotely feasible was because we had lined up my brother and his girlfriend to babysit on Saturday as we had an evening wedding, and since we then couldn't use our season tickets for the Gophers' football home opener, they took the kid to the game. So...they took off with her at 10:30am for tailgating before the game, and we had 6 hours before we needed to actually leave for the wedding. We almost didn't get the first coat on in that time! We had spent time the night before moving furniture and decor out of the room and wiping down the walls, but we still needed to tape off everything before we started painting on Saturday. It was nuts. Luckily, we were able to pop in an old Big Bang Theory DVD and hammer it out. The next day, Mia cooperated by agreeing to go in her pack 'n play and watch Toy Story in the middle of the (well-ventilated) living room while we hastily put on a second coat. Here's a look at the previous wall color (yes, it's mint green, don't judge, I kind of loved it). Sorry for the weird pics, I took one quick as we were moving things out, and I just found an old one that was actually supposed to show off our (then new) stained floor, but you get the idea.
And, viola! Here's our new living room - freshly painted, with new curtains (they still have the wrinkles from the packaging), and a new rug that I found on clearance (both the rug and the curtains are from Target). I think it's perfect!
The wall above the couch is blank in these pictures, as we're in the process of creating a gallery wall of photos and prints. I'll share once it's a little farther along... Meanwhile, this past week we had our beautiful, old oak tree in the front yard removed, as it died this summer. Here are just a few shots of the process. We found a guy that was willing to come in and take it down for far less, by himself, and it only took him 2 days (plus a few hours on the third day to finish the clean-up). It was so sad to see it go - and now we notice how much privacy it added as I feel like our entire front yard is on display (which isn't actually true). We plan to plant a tree this fall yet to help make up for it! Just to give you an idea of the size of the tree...
My attempt to get a shot of the "rubble" - but I didn't want to interrupt the man with the chainsaw, so it's taken through our window!
Our new view. So sad!


Missy said...

Love the color! :)

Laura said...

Can't wait to see the living room in person! I love the rug, so fun! Hopefully someone won't spill red wine on it... ;)