Friday, September 30, 2011

How does YOUR garden grow?

 Because ours looks like a jungle right now - the pumpkin vines have taken over the entire garden, the tomatoes are overflowing, the grape vines are spreading, and soon it'll all be dead.  Here's hoping we can rake in some good pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, and herbs before the next frost (because covering all of that for the first, super early, frost was ridiculous and I refuse to do it again!).
She really loves pulling the green cherry tomatoes off the vine and eating them!  (Not the red, ripe ones!)
The trellis system has been started!

Who needs to go to a pumpkin patch when you have one in your backyard?


Mom said...

Oh, I am in such a need of a Mia fix... She was taking a bite out of my red tomatoes when she was down over the holiday. She would eat them like an apple, I thought Grandpa Bruce would approve:)

J-Funk said...

When do you have time to GARDEN?!?!

We finally started paying our neighbor to keep up our yard (all flowers in front, no grass) because it looked so wretched she started doing it on the sly. Only thanks to her does it now look great!

Mandy said...

J-funk: We are just continually BUSY. :) But really, I set up the garden earlier and rarely get in there anymore, which is why it looks like this! I just swing in to grab some herbs and tomatoes occasionally.