Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gallery Wall

I finally broke down and made a gallery wall after we repainted our living room.  The thing is, I love the idea and look of a gallery wall, but wasn't sure I was going to jump on the bandwagon since they are SO popular now.  But...I had an idea.  I have very little usable wall space left in our house, and I always seem to find fun new prints that I'd like to put in my house but never have a place for them.  Plus, I have a crazy amount of photos that I'd love to display now that we have an adorable kid to photograph, but have no where to display them.  So bam!  It hit me.  Gallery wall.  Above the couch.  Photos AND prints.  The best of both worlds and room for new stuff!  I picked out some of my favorite candid and professional shots of Mia, our family, and even a couple of pre-baby pics, added in 2 prints that are absolutely perfect for us, and away I went.  I didn't want to try to match all of the frames, and I've incorporated various metallic-y sheened items into my living room over the years, so I did a mixture of black and metallic frames, which I think is turning out beautifully.  It's a little eccentric, just like me.  It's still a work in progress, as you can see since it's not balanced yet.  I like it this way, because it means that I get to keep my eyes open for new art and add in new fun photos (like a beautiful, breath-catching pic of Amelia in the apple orchard from our family photo shoot a couple of weeks ago - don't look for it, it's not up there yet!).

 Here's a close up of my two prints. 
One is a Story People print, which says  

"There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter & noise."   

Some of you may remember that we have another Story People print in Mia's room, so I have a long history of loving this artwork.

The bigger one is a newer print by one of my favorite local artists, Michael Birawer, which I've blogged about before.  The funny thing about this print is that although I've loved his work for a long time, I hadn't actually purchased a print for myself (yet).  I had a few magnets, and had purchased a poster for my old boss as part of a lab gift one year, but hadn't broken down and bought one myself.  Why?  I couldn't decide!  I loved too many of them, but I'll admit I really loved the 'green bridge' one of the Hennepin Ave bridge.  However, a couple of my friends also loved this one and purchased it, and so, I didn't really want to get the same one that everyone else was getting (I'm kind of like that, as some of you may know...).  BUT....I wanted to make sure to purchase a Michael Birawer print for the new gallery wall, so I headed to his website hoping to find the perfect one and THERE IT WAS.  An Evening at the BankLike it was made for me (and David).  I couldn't have commissioned a more perfect piece.  I ordered the smallest printed canvas immediately (after a few super-happy-freak-out emails were sent to tell others of my discovery), took it to the Carter Ave Frame Shop, right near my old college apartment, had them frame it up all fancy, and there it is, on my wall.  A perfect addition to the gallery. 

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