Thursday, November 17, 2011

Got one!

I half-decided that I'd like to get a Cities 97 sampler CD this year since I legitimately listen to most of the artists on this year's sampler, but I wasn't willing to wait in line (in the 19 degree weather!) for one, so I just told myself that I'd swing by "my" Target in Roseville on my way into work and see if I happened to get one.  I was, of course, running late this morning (more so than normal), but stopped anyway only to be told that they had JUST sold the last one!  Dang!  So, I thought, "oh well," and went into work.  Meanwhile, I set up my ELISA and worked on cleaning the ice out of the -80 freezer rubber seals (yes, this is what I spend my days doing...) and headed back up to my office.  I checked the #sampler23 updates on twitter only to see that the Northeast Target hadn't reported in as being sold out yet.  I debated for about 2 minutes, threw on my coat, grabbed my wallet and was out the door.  (Dave, if you're reading this, just remember that I had started my experiments for the day first!)  :)  In about 30 minutes I had ran to the Quarry, found a large stack of samplers left, was handed 2 of them (the limit per customer) from the guy in front of me who told me that he figured I was coming for them since I was the only other one walking with purpose (loudly, heels clinking...), grabbed the Glee Christmas CD for $5 (with a Target promo coupon - nice idea by them), and was back in my office.  Now I'm listening to the splendid music as I attempt to refocus and actually get back to work.  Awesome.  And worth every crazy minute.

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