Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Holiday Fun

Getting our Christmas tree this year was a bit more fun than normal as Mia was around to "help," which basically meant that one of us chased her around the tree lot while the other tried to find the "perfect" tree.  In the end, we grabbed one of the last ones we saw, which Mia happened to point to, changed our minds at the last second to grab the one next to it, and away we went (David, as usual, hauled it home by hand - only a half a block walk, thank goodness!).

Mia really enjoyed decorating the tree - she put up lots of plastic ball ornaments - but she didn't understand that she was supposed to spread them out, so we have random concentrations of ornaments along the lower part of the tree.  Now she likes to pull them off and throw them around the house, or move them to other parts of the tree, or try to holler for the kitty to come play with them (which she knows he does, but he never wants to do with her).

I was able to wrap the first round of presents after she went to sleep Saturday night, and the hubby was busy watching the Big Ten championship football game.  We put them out around the tree and she managed to make it almost an entire day before we found her on top of her cousin Emory's gift, slowly ripping open the corner.  The presents have been stashed in the office for the remainder of the season.

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