Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Holiday Fun!

Last weekend my family was able to get together for supper at Pizza Luce and the Hollidazzle parade downtown Minneapolis. It was Mia's first time to the Hollidazzle and she LOVED it - especially seeing Santa in his sleigh at the end! She is constantly saying "Santa!" and "Ho-ho-ho" these days. Needless to say, she's pretty excited about Christmas. The time together was especially important as my brother, Stephen, flew to Jamaica a couple of days later for the week, so he won't be around for our big family Christmas Eve. It was also a treat to have both of my brothers' girlfriends, Kendra (Dan) and Lori (Steve), around!
Mia has enjoyed helping me to decorate Christmas goodies. I gave her a bottle of sprinkles and let her go crazy over the almond bark pretzels. She had a hard time keeping her little fingers out of the gooey almond bark!
 David, Mia, and I did our own Christmas morning last Sunday. We snuck this red play kitchen upstairs after she went to bed and she got discover it the next morning! It is a hit. We were a little worried that she wouldn't actually know what the phone is as it looks like a normal phone and not like the cell phones she's used to seeing, but sure enough she figured it out quickly! "Hi Minnie!"
 Our friend Laura brought a present by the other evening - Mia loved it, but I think she enjoyed the time with Laura even more!

 Here's a quick shot of our tree this year - we added big, clear bulbs in addition to our normal colored mini lights and we really liked the result (but it does give off a LOT of light!).
 Finally, here's a little Christmas scene from Miss Mia: the nativity, complete with baby Jesus on the roof, an elephant, and a Christmas tree!

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Laura said...

What great shots! I'm definitely going to need copies!