Friday, January 20, 2012


I hit the big 3-0 a couple of weeks ago, and decided to throw myself a big 'ol birthday bash to celebrate! I had multiple demands:

1) I wanted an excuse to buy a ridiculous cocktail dress which I may never wear again,
2) I wanted to ride around in a limo with some of my closest friends,
3) I wanted supper, drinks, and dessert at Chino Latinos, one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis, and
4) I wanted to party like a college kid at our old haunt, Gasthof's (a German polka bar!).

Thanks to some planning and coordinating on my hubby's part, some stellar babysitters, and a couple of much-needed shopping outings, we were able to pull it all off!

1) I found a dress - a champagne/gold short, off-the-shoulder, ruffled Calvin Klein dress that I would never normally wear - so it fit the bill perfectly!  I also found some super high, super sparkly heels to go with it.
2) We rented a limo from one of my brother's friends, which was far cheaper than any of the other options in the cities. Unfortunately, this also meant that we were riding around in an OLD limo, complete with a cassette player and someone's glass of whiskey left in a hidden compartment.  And we squeezed 7 people into a back that fits 6.  But we brought a few bottles of sparkling wine, real champagne flutes, and enjoyed our ride to Chinos.  At Chinos, I was informed that my brother had snuck into the limo and left me with a "dirty 30," which I soon found out meant a 30 pack of nasty beer - in this case, Hamm's.  Luckily, he also left us with a nice bottle of sparkling wine, so after our photo op with the Hamm's we moved back to champagne!  We were fortunate we had the extra booze because the limo overheated on our trip home, so we cracked open our 4th and final bottle of sparkling wine as we were stuck in a parking lot somewhere in Columbia Heights for a bit (until the driver gave up and called us a couple of taxis to get us home).

3) Although there were 7 of us in the limo, we had a group of 15 at Chinos for supper!  Great company, great food, great cocktails, great dessert (complete with sparklers!), oh, and "Happy 30th Mandy!" on the menus!

 4) Gasthof's.  What can I say?  I had to ditch the super high heels in exchange for flip-flops in order to really polka, we went through many boots of cider (without breaking a one!), we saw the Kaiser (but alas, not the little old man I used to polka with in college), Maria did her part to dance with another older gentleman, E-train joined us here, and we were out of there by 12am (as soon as the music changed from polka to club music).  Not much has changed - the crowd is a bit different, and they've had to amp up security, but it was a great end to a great evening!


 After our limo overheating, and then taxing home, we put the drunker ones to bed and the rest of us hung out for awhile in the basement recapping the night's events for our babysitters.  Unfortunately, on our way home, we found out that miss Mia had gotten sick two times since we left, but our babysitters were AWESOME and took care of things.  The next day after Dan and Kendra made us breakfast and took off, David, Mia, and I spent most of the day lounging on the couch, napping and watching movies. The following week we dealt with Mia being sick and having to stay home with her off and on (she went from having a stomach bug straight into having mild bronchitis!).  David picked up some of the stomach bug Sunday evening, so all three of us ended up home together on my actual birthday, Monday.  Luckily they were both doing much better, and we were even able to get out of the house and hit the Blue Door Pub for lunch together!  She went to day care Tuesday and Wednesday, only to end up coughing so bad Wednesday night that she made herself throw up, and so, she and I stayed home together Thursday.  I then got the stomach bug Thursday afternoon, and David got the cold, and we all ended home together on Friday.  Whew!  Thus, no blogging.  After trying to play catch up all week this week, I think I'm starting to feel normal again (although I think I now have a sinus infection- bah!), and thankfully Mia is all better.

Oh, and for those mommys interested - at her 2 yr checkup last week she was 26 lbs and 35" tall.


Laura said...

So much fun!!

Mom said...

Great pics! Looked like so much fun...
Always is with great friends:)

J-Funk said...

Wow that looks like a spectacular good time!!!

I think we also had a stomach bug/yucky cough combo last week although we got a pretty light dose of both, thankfully. Sorry everyone was sick on your birthday!! But at least it didn't interfere with the party plans :)