Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Amelia turned 2!

I can't believe my baby girl is 2 years old! I couldn't be more proud to be her mama! The last two years have flown by - time seems to literally accelerate when you have a child. As her birthday was on a Monday, we held her big birthday shin-dig on Sunday, which also happened to be New Year's Day. Even with some snow and ice, most of our party was able to make it. Mia was so excited about the party - she watched us clean and decorate the house (and bake her cake) the two days prior and every time we mentioned her birthday she'd yell "Yay!" The morning of the party David explained to her that everyone was coming just to see her, and she put her hands up to her chin and exclaimed "Oh my!" (She's a bit of a ham, if you haven't noticed.) She was especially excited to have both Nanas and Papas come to see her!

As I mentioned before, we did a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party (invites here). The cake was the pi`ece de resistance (insert appropriate French accent here)! It deserves it's own blog post, so I'll work on that later. For now, here's a photo of the finished product. It was pretty fantastic, and best of all Mia LOVED it. We had to constantly supervise her around it once it was assembled.

The party was fun - we ate lots of pizza and snacks, then some cake and homemade ice cream (made by Mia's great-grandpa Leonard!), watched some football, drank some Bloody Marys and beer (or chocolate milk and apple juice for the kiddos), and enjoyed the day with family and friends. The next morning, on her actual birthday, she opened up a few more gifts from us and Nana and Papa EIO, since they had stuck around for the night. Then David and I dragged her to IKEA to look at kitchen cabinets, which obviously is what you should do 1) on a pseudo-holiday when it's incredibly busy and 2) when it's your child's birthday.  I don't think we'll get away with that next year! When we got back we were able to enjoy some down time to watch the Rose Bowl and play with Mia and all of her new toys - we even took time to convert her crib to a toddler bed with safety rails.  This, coupled with a fire call for David, made for a pretty bad night of sleep as Mia got up once at 11:30pm and then again from 3:30-5am (continually getting out of bed, me putting her back in bed, then her getting back out again...).  Whew!  It's going to be an interesting week of sleep!
 Opening up gifts with her cousins' help! Gavin wasn't really sure what to think of all of the commotion!


 Tommy approved of the cake and ice cream, too!

Every day this kid learns or does something new - it's amazing to watch. She's getting to be so self-sufficient, it's terrifying and exhilarating at the same time! She charms everyone when we're out and about - she's not a shy kid in the slightest. Her vocabulary is rapidly increasing, and we're reading longer and longer books all of the time (thank goodness- we needed some new options!). When she goes to kiss someone lately, she makes fish-lips - it's pretty cute! She loves her new play kitchen - she makes pizza and bakes cookies, microwaves cocoa, and just enjoys moving various foods around all of the cupboards and compartments. She loves following the kitty around and trying to get him to play with her (which rarely happens).  Piglet is still her lovey, and he's getting more worn by the day (even though there are 2 of them in commission - we may have to try to switch out one of the new ones and see what she does - she already knows when I switch between the 2 because the "new" one is clean and doesn't smell the same!).  All in all, it's been a pretty amazing year - I can't wait to see the changes throughout the next one!  We love you miss Mia!

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