Thursday, February 09, 2012

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches!?!

Found these on Pinterest...originally from My Kitchen Apron. You literally toss frozen chicken breasts into the crock pot, dump a bottle of Frank's Red Hot sauce on top, sprinkle a bag of dried Ranch dressing mix on top of that and cook on low for the day. Shred the breasts once they're tender enough to fall apart (mine took about 8 hours on low), let them soak up the buffalo sauce and serve!  The original recipe called for a couple Tbsp of butter to be added at this point, but since I was using up a partial bottle of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Sauce (in addition to the normal Red Hot sauce), I skipped this step (I think the Buffalo Sauce has butter in it already so it's "pre-made").  I was a little skeptical for two reasons: 1) Frozen chicken breasts in the slow cooker?!? What's the likelihood of food poisoning with that?! and 2) would it be too much buffalo sauce?  The answers are: 1) The chicken cooked beautifully - I actually ended up home for most of the day, so I kept tabs on it. The breasts were fully cooked, and if you're like me and leave things in the cooker for much longer than the 8 hours of actual cooking time (on the "keep warm" setting), you can pretty much guarantee that the chicken will be fully cooked by the time you're eating it! and 2) the buffalo flavor was perfect - the chicken really soaks it up, but you still taste the chicken. I think the ranch mix helps tame the flavor down, too.

So, if you like buffalo flavored stuff, or just like a VERY quick and easy slow cooker meal, you must try this!!

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Jenni said...

These are delish! We made them this week...I had also pinned them, but your post reminded me to try it out! (-: