Thursday, March 08, 2012

First Round of Kitchen Before-and-Afters!

Want to see a real transformation?  Let's go back almost 7 years to when we first purchased our home...this is what we saw when we were considering buying it...
 This is what we actually lived with, for awhile...yes, that is forest green and magenta plaid wallpaper! Even better, that's a magenta formica countertop - the bane of my existence! The cupboards were solid wood, and more than likely original to the 1940s house, so the held up well for us for the first 6.5 years! That hideous white ceiling fan stayed the entire time, too.
The wallpaper obviously had to go, so we asked our friends to help tear strips down during our bachelor/bachelorette party our first summer in the house...

Unfortunately, we later realized that the wallpaper was attached directly to the drywall/plaster behind it! We had to re-wallpaper. Good thing we decided to prime over the old stuff first because we were able to rip the "new" stuff off in about 20 minutes for the remodel! We still could see the autographs from our original helpers, though.
So, here's a quick look at what our kitchen looked like up until about a month ago...
Same hideous ceiling fan, but at least we updated the light above the sink! We also painted that god-awful magenta counter top a deep red to match the wallpaper scheme.
 So I lied, the exposed brick chimney was not there until just recently...evidently I don't have a picture of this side of the kitchen readily available pre-plaster dust disaster!
 This is what happens to a painted counter top over time...cannot imagine what kind of crap was potentially leaching into our food.
 My grandmother's table, also showing off the space to the left of the table where my new pantry now sits!
After a month (or more) of work, here's where we are at: exposed brick chimney (which was just trimmed out by my awesome dad!), new cupboards and sink, new pendant light, under the cabinet lights, and ceiling fan (can't get rid of the fan because we don't have a stove vent), additional pantry added, new rack and knife strip near the stove, all new painted walls, wainscoating, and trim, and a chalkboard-painted closet door. What's left to do? The backsplash and the floor! Both are going to be fairly big projects, and both involve cork! More on those later, let's get to the photos!
 View from the dining room.
 The chalkboard painted door! It's still curing, but by tonight will be filled with chalk scribbles from miss Mia!
 Our organization corner: family calendar, weekly calendar, clipboard to display Mia's latest work of art!
 Another fantastic idea from Pinterest...framing old recipe cards written by your mom, grandma, etc. Mine features my mom's cowboy cookie recipe, the Kraft caramel bar recipe card (written by a neighbor, but one of my fave recipes to make growing up - and now!), and multiple cookie recipes from my grandma Evie.
 The cupboards! Including my new pantry! And the beautiful, wonderful, not-god-awful-painted-formica granite!!
 My fabulous farmer's sink.  Love it. Clear globe pendant light from West Elm. Love it. Perfection.
 We chose to mount the microwave to gain some more counter space.
 My 'box' that I needed to make to utilize all possible space in this new kitchen - perfect for storing my pizza stone, a cutting board, and a couple of cookie sheets, not to mention providing a place to hang a hand towel!
 The exposed brick chimney! This was David's project - he exposed the chimney, cleaned off the bricks, and my dad came up last weekend (for the 3rd wknd in a row!) to trim it out for us!
 The stove area - we tried to clear off the cart for more cooking prep space, added in a bigger pot rack, and installed a magnetic knife strip on the chimney. Now on to some of my favorite parts, some of which were there previously, but in their new home are so much fancier!
 Test tube spices!
 Bordeaux buckets, holding utensils.
 My beautiful Le Creuset and my 'new' vintage orange fondue pot (a 30th bday gift from Laura and Gabe!). Also pictured are some of my fave vintage cookbooks: Dinner for Two, the Waverly Lutheran Church Cookbook, and Betty Crocker's Cooky Book!
And finally, my two new friends that sit on the windowsill above my sink. Another perfect 30th bday gift - this time from my in-laws!



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Laura said...

So awesome!! I can't wait to see it in person! I will miss those amazing painted countertops though ;)

Elena said...

Love the exposed brick the best, but also love the fan and buckets! Glad to see your home improvements are going well. I have huge empathy now for anyone with home projects...

J-Funk said...

Holy smokes, what a project! amazing!!!