Monday, March 19, 2012

Lovin' this sun!

It's been 70-80 degrees here in Minnesota the past few days - the snow is gone, the trees are budding (my lilacs are GREEN after this past weekend of sun!), and plants are peaking up from the ground. Normally around this time we'd be having another big snowstorm. Instead, we've been spending time outside: walking the dog, working on the yard, playing softball with Mia, and enjoying a bottle of white wine on the back deck (while miss Mia took a long nap)!

 On Saturday we were able to visit some old friends and their beautiful little girl, Jenna.  Mia was fascinated with the baby toys - she really wanted to play with Jenna, so she decided to hang out with her on the floor.
We've been busy working on the kitchen backsplash - many, many wine corks have been cut and the first round of synthetic corks have been installed and spray-varnished! Thankfully, our friends drink a LOT of wine, and have donated their corks to us (not to mention spending an hour or so cutting corks with us on Friday night- thanks Laura & Gabe!). We're planning on cutting and arranging the rest of the corks this week in the hope that we can finish it by next weekend! Here's a sneak peek of our progress so far...

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