Friday, May 18, 2012

Mia's First Carousel Ride

On Mother's Day, we took Mia to Como Park and Zoo for a picnic, a visit to the animals (her favorite seemed to be the giraffes, but then she got a whiff of something and said "p-u!"), and her first carousel ride(s)! She is only tall enough to do one ride at the Como Town amusement park (she's close!), but she could ride the beautiful old carousel. I took her for her first ride, and initially she wanted to sit in the chariot and not on a horse, but I convinced her to give the horse a try. She was still a little concerned, but I promised to stay with her and hold on tight - and then she started moving and LOVED it! So much so, that when we were done, she had to ride again with daddy! We had to bribe her with the thought of ice cream to get her to leave!

Oh, and Mother's day started off nice and quiet - Mia and I even enjoyed some computer time at the dining room table (she brought hers in to join me after I had been working on mine for awhile...).  She didn't keep quiet for very long, though, as she started playing and dancing to "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!"

I mentioned earlier that later this day, Mia dislocated and possibly broke her elbow and ended up in a cast (big purple bracelet) the next day. Last night, just to add to our crazy week, she fell down the steps on our deck and gave herself a massive bump and bruise - evidently her balance is a little off from the cast.  Poor thing.  She looks like a brute!

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J-Funk said...

Poor Mia! She's as cute as ever though!